Tuesday, April 13, 2010

30 Days Until Graduation

I kind of forgot I had a blog, as I guess it's been 4 weeks since I last posted. For several reasons, I love having a diary about poker tournaments, so I expect to always write atleast a couple sentences about all tournaments I play; however, with the popularity of Twitter and Facebook statuses I can sort of write one sentence updates that are more fun and easier than blogging about my life outside of poker. That said, entries will continue to be infrequent unless I'm playing much poker.

Since I last posted I've taken some fun weekend trips. My dad and I had a great time down in central Florida. The first game we were scheduled to attend got rained out, but luckily Bama was playing Kentucky in college hoops at the same time, so we had a back up plan. We ate some great meals down there and checked out a couple games in what was our third annual trip. The following week I was in Austin, TX for my college spring break hanging out with my buddies Mike and Adam. That trip was a blast as it was pretty much a routine of watch college basketball all day, go out at night, and repeat.

The last weekend of March I was in Birmingham for my buddy Brandon's wedding. It was great seeing a lot of my old high school friends, and from what I remember, the wedding/reception was a blast. We got a hotel at this really cool place in the SoHo square district of Birmingham (namely Homewood). I kind of fell in love with the area and definitely could see myself living in that part of Birmingham when I most likely move there after the World Series of Poker.

I spent last weekend in Atlanta and checked out the Atlanta Braves opener on Monday. The environment was electric as there was a record day game crowd at Turner Field anticipating the first appearance by 20 year old future star, Jason Heyward. He gave us what we deserved by homering in his first major league at bat. I'm really looking forward to this season.

From a professional standpoint the year has turned sour as I had a miserable march. As a matter of fact, March has historically been a fucking awful month for me in the 5 years I've been playing professionally. I got brutalized in high stakes bracket pools and other vig-free bets I made with friends. I've also been unable to make any noise in the Sunday tournaments that I've played. Obviously, I'm not too worried though as it's early and it's an insignificant sample. I'm stuck around $30k on the year but will have a chance to right that soon as Pokerstars' SCOOP series looms.

Other than that, I graduate in 30 days. I'll definitely be walking. A bunch of people I know down here have told me they're not gonna go through the process because you have to sit around waiting forever during the ceremony. This kind of thinking seems fundamentally flawed to me, but then again I came back solely for the satisfaction of graduating so I guess my situation is slightly different. I have no problem saying that I'm proud of myself and am interested to see if poker has taken all of the emotion out of me, or if this achievement (the greatest of my life) is enough to bring something out.