Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Catching up

It's been over 2 months since I last posted, which is the longest I've gone since I became a blogger in early 2006. I'll do my best to catch you guys up on what I've been doing since late September.

I finished up my time in London in early October. To put things lightly, things went miserably there. I ended up airballing everything I played. My winnings for the year took a huge drop because there were several big buy-in tournaments that were hosted there. I did largely enjoy my 23 days or so in the city though and definitely got in my fair share of partying.

From London, I came home and took a week or so off before heading off on a 3 stop tour: Vegas to Chicago to WPT Foxwoods. I bricked all 3 Texas Hold'em poker tournaments I played in Vegas and was really hating live poker and considering cutting the trip short and just taking the rest of the year off. Instead, I trucked through to Chicago for the first ever $10,000 WSOPC Regional Championship poker tournament event.

I cruised most of day 1 in that event before I tried to give away all my chips on the very last hand of the night. One of the nicest guys in the business, Michael Pesek, opened up front to like 2300 at 500/1000 and I made it 6500 from MP with J7hh.

It folded back to Mike and I told myself if he 4bet then I was going to trigger a 5bet all-in. He did just that and made it 14500ish and I moved in for 65000. He called with Queens but I managed to double up and cripple him when the board came Jd5h3s4hTh. I kinda stubbed my toes and got unlucky once on day 2 and really had to battle hard. We played deep into the night, around 3:30 a.m. before finally reaching the money of 24 players.

On day 3 I had the misfortune of having elite tournament player David "Doc" Sands to my left for most of the day. He played very well albeit unbearably deliberately. I thought I, too, played well that day and eventually we made it down to the final table of 10 where Doc busted Steve Zolotow on the TV table bubble.

My mom, dad, and sister Carly flew into Chicago last minute for the TV table which will be televised on the Versus network. I entered the final table 3 of 9 but unfortunately busted 6th for around $100,000 after running into two huge coolers, once with QQ vs AA and once with JJ vs AA to bust button vs BB. I really enjoyed the experience and really appreciated how the eventual winner, a 20-something Ohioan named Jim Anderson, conducted himself at the table.

Early the next morning I flew up to WPT Foxwoods in Connecticut and bought in on day 2. I doubled up quickly but then lost a flip before running a big pair, tens, into Aces for the 3rd time in 24 hours. I was on the next morning's flight and got to spend another week or so at home in Birmingham.

My next stop was Los Angeles for the NAPT event there. This was a well run tournament that got like 800ish players, if I remember correctly. I pretty much cruised through this tournament and then in the middle of day 2 the wheels started to fall off. First, I opened two red Aces and this little Asian guy named Tom Lee shoved 27bb from MP the exact hand after losing a big pot and I was shown K6dd. The flop came like Kxx with two diamonds and the turn was a diamond. Lee shot out of his seat in celebration despite the fact that I had 7 outs. The river, however, was not a diamond. I battled back. A kid opened to 7500 and I decided to flat Aces. The button called and then the maniacal Lee pushed a stack of blue 5000 chips totaling 100,000 in from the SB. It folded back to me, I moved in, and he called off his last 50,000 with Jacks. A jack came in the door. I battled back again then 4bet all-in on the bubble with 54dd after Lee 3bet me for probably the tenth time that day. I flipped the cards in high enough for Lee to see the 4d on the bottom. We made the money and then shortly into it I opened 44, and Lee 3bet once again to 30,000. The flop came 653r. I checked with the intention of CRAI but Lee blasted it all-in for 222,000 into the pot of 75,000. He just looked totally full of shit to me, so I called and was shown ATo. The turn, remarkably, was a ten and Lee once again jumped out of his seat despite my 10 outs. I missed and was out like 87th for peanuts.

Finally, I went down to Florida for the Fall Poker Open in Fort Lauderdale. It was my first trip to South Florida, and boy did I fall in love with the place. My boy Tim "timkrank" Miles let me stay with him at his bad ass condo on the beach in Miami. This tournament was set up such that if you busted day 1a you could rebuy on day 1b. I did just that so I was in for $10,000. I kinda limped into day 2 but quickly rallied to an above average stack and we made the money later that night. On day 3 however, I played for an above average stack with JJ vs KJdd and the chips were pushed the other way and I was out 21st for a few hundred dollars in profit :/

The above probably sounds like one big bad beat story, so I apologize for that. Just sorta trying to report things as they were. A lot of people would probably forget to report the J7hh > QQ hand, I guess.

After Florida I came home and enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving with my family before heading to Tuscaloosa for the Alabama vs Auburn game. I don't even wanna recall that experience. As I type this I'm in Vegas. I'll play the $5000 prelim and then the $10,000 WPT. After that I'll head home for a couple weeks before my final poker trip of the year, Atlantic City's $10k WSOPC Regional Championship.

I made out my schedule for all of 2011 up until the World Series of Poker. I'll be traveling a bunch. I have mixed feelings about that. I enjoy playing live tournaments, a lot, but it's quite a grind sort of living out of a suitcase and always being on the road. I really am past the stage of sitting in front of the computer grinding online tournaments, too. I'm kinda itching to play a lot live since I was trapped at school for 21 months recently, so I think I'll grind through the 2011 World Series and then kinda evaluate whether I wanna keep traveling a bunch. There are, though, some changes in my personal life that I want to make, and being on the road complicates that.

That's it. Thanks for reading. Next blog entry hopefully sooner than later.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

In London

As I write this I'm sitting in a house in the Notting Hill district of London. I've been here for about a week and will be here for another 2 weeks or so. I've rented the place with poker players David "DavidP17" Peters, Joe "floes" Serock, and November Niner John "JRD312" Dolan. Keven "stammdog" Stammen will arrive tomorrow, I think. It's the first time I've spent significant time with these guys and they're all really chill. What brings me to town is the World Series of Poker Europe. Sadly, it's off to an inauspicious start. I busted the first 4 (out of 5) bracelet events and will play the WSOPE Texas Holdem poker Main Event in about 9 hours.

There's almost nothing interesting to report as I'm about a $26,000 loser on the trip so far. In addition, I had my Vodaphone internet card completely go out on me during a Sunday online poker tournament
session which had me time out of about $5000 worth of tournaments. After the WSOPE is over, the EPT London will take place. There are a couple of side events I'll take part in as well as the 5000 GBP main event. It would be really nice to knock something off here. All that said, I'm still enjoying myself. It would be hard to complain about being in London. This is my third time being here, and the culture here is always my favorite part. At any given busy pub, restaurant or nightclub there might be 15 different nationalities and tons of different languages being spoken. That might be my favorite part about the city. Things are really expensive here which is pretty annoying. I feel like everyone here must really extend himself because I for sure would go broke living in this city. I've been doing a bunch of walking around the city which has been nice. I've also been eating a lot of good, big meals and living a markedly unhealthy lifestyle in general as I've been sleeping all kinds of different hours.

In the rest of the month since I last posted, I moved into my condo in Birmingham. I really, really like it as it's pretty much a perfect fit for me. I have a ton of people I know in Birmingham which always makes for an interesting time. On the second night playing poker at the condo, I outright won the Full Tilt Poker $1k Monday for the 2nd time in my career. The score was worth $120,000 or so and was the second largest of my online poker career. The few online tournaments I've played have salvaged the calendar year for me as I've been getting bludgeoned live. All in all, I'm up a decent figure on the year.

I've got a fairly busy October planned as I'll likely play WPT Festa al Lago in Vegas, $10k WSOPC in Northern Indiana just outside of Chicago, and WPT Foxwoods. These tournaments will have to work around the Braves playoffs schedule provided they make it though. I'd kinda like to be back in Birmingham relaxing, but I also feel like I should work a little bit since I was sort of out of commission for 21 months while finishing up school.

That's it. I'll probably continue to just blog once every few weeks as I'm able to express random thoughts more easily via Twitter. I'm at a point in my career and my life where I don't have the drive to really sit down and recount or analyze hands like I used to. In fact, I could see myself completely stopping blogging at some point as the idea of keeping a super low profile is somewhat appealing.


Monday, August 23, 2010


As I type this I'm sitting in a room at Commerce Casino with my boy Jon Little. Later today we'll play day 1b of WPT Legends of Poker at The Bicycle Casino. This will be my 32nd career WPT, my first of season 9 on the World Poker tour, and the first one I've had time to play since January of 2010. They've dropped the buy-in for this one down to $5000 from $10,000 which I actually think is a good idea as far as drawing numbers.

Since I last posted I'm still not in my condo. There was a hold up with some of the paperwork, but I can now officially move in when I get back to Birmingham next week. Hopefully I'll return as a WPT champion. Other then that, I spent a week up in Virginia helping my mom pack to move back to Birmingham. I have a new respect for people in the moving business. I then drove the 26 foot Penske truck 12 hours which was an interesting experience. I've also gotten some time to hang out with my sisters the last couple of weeks which was nice. I know they're ready to get me off their couches and out of their hair now :)

I've been playing a little bit of poker too. I made some FTOPS noise by final tabling the PLHE/PLO event and finishing 6th or something. I also finished 21st in the $150 rebuy rush tournament where first paid over $200k :( I posted back to back good Sundays after one week final tabling the $100 rebuy on Stars for $24k. This past Sunday was big as I snagged both a $15,700 PCA package and an EPT London package that is worth around $12,800 in addition to final tabling the PS $500 for $17,000ish. All told, the year has been solid so far.

I've pretty much got my schedule set for the rest of the calendar year. I'll be spending 24 long days in London for the WSOPE and EPT from September 12-October 6. I hate to be gone for that long, especially during football season and especially after getting a new place, but business is business and I can't really turn down the value that will be there.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wales Wrap-Up

Since I last posted I played my Texas Holdem heat in the Poker Lounge in Wales. Things pretty much went exactly as I expected, as the structure wasn't great. I fully intended on getting all the money in on a flip, and I did just that when my AT fell to Annette Obrestad's QJss 3 handed for 70% of the tournament chips.

I enjoyed the experience and look forward to seeing how the broadcast turns out. Wales was also a pretty cool country. The people were very nice and it was definitely a quaint little place. I would've liked to see a little more of the country but didn't quite have time.

The last week I've been in Birmingham. My lease ended in Tuscaloosa and I've been looking for a place to live in Alabama's largest city. Basically, my quality of life is better when I'm in the south as compared to the time I've spent in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and I could see myself living here the rest of my life, really.

I kind of wanted to make sure of that though, so I spent the week looking at condos that were open to the idea of me leasing for 6 months with the option to buy at the end of the lease period. I struck what I think is a very good deal and found some very good value by locking in a purchase price at a bad ass place called Hallman Hill in Homewood's (a suburb of Birmingham) SoHo district. I look forward to getting into the place this weekend and seeing if condo living is the way I wanna go.

Aside from that, its just nice being back in Birmingham. I went out with friends a couple of times this week and enjoyed myself. I've also played online the last 2 Sundays. Last Sunday was just miserable as I got blanked in online poker tournaments, but last night I found a 5th place finish in the $100 rebuy on Stars for $24,000 or so, which was enough to turn a decent winner over the two combined weeks.

As I type this I'm sitting in the terminal in the Birmingham airport headed up to Williamsburg, VA.

My mom is moving back to Birmingham, which is awesome, so I'm gonna head up there and help her pack and then drive the Uhaul truck back down here. Once I get back later this week, I'll get to relax in town for 2 weeks or so before traveling to Los Angeles for WPT Legends of Poker on August 20.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Poker In Wales...
As I type this entry I'm sitting on my balcony at Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, Wales overlooking the golf course on which the Ryder Cup is played. I traveled 17.5 hours to get here, arrived yesterday at 10 am local time, and promptly slept 8 hours. Later tonight I'll play a $20,000 6 player winner take all sit-n-go tournament 40 minutes down the road in Cardiff. I'm actually still unsure with whom I'll be playing.

I've been told that as the online qualifier I'll be playing with 3 Full Tilt red pros and 2 other people who will buy in. The structure won't be great, and I fully anticipate having to flip it all off at some point. The tournament will be filmed and shown on British television's channel 4. I'll also make the youtube link available when it comes out in a couple months. Truth be told, I won this satellite on Full Tilt quite accidentally.

I bought into the $600 satellite a couple months ago thinking it was their standard WSOP satellite, and realized an hour into the tournament that it was a package to this sit-n-go. Hopefully I can win tonight and be $120,000 richer. Last night I had a great seafood dinner consisting of Fish Soup and a Swordfish entree at a place called Priory here in town. I did a little walking around then headed down to the more "posh" (as the Brits call it) Cardiff Bay area for some drinks.Some observations:Everything is expensive here. Honestly it makes Vegas seem cheap.

I've been getting vigged hard on the exchange fees. Last night I converted $500 at the front desk and only got 275£. The spot rate indicated I should've gotten 330£.The most average looking woman in Wales is probably only half as attractive as the most average looking woman in The States. Still, there's something to be said about how subtly attractive many of the British girls are. Several people have asked if my accent is Australian, wtf.

The currency is tilting me hard. Anything up to 2£ is a coin, and I'm too lazy to reach in my pocket and sort through them. As a result I came home last night with a pocketful of coins since I kept breaking the paper bills. I would for sure lose a ton of money here if I misplaced/lost coins at the same frequency as I do in the US.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

2010 World Series of Poker Wrapup - The Summer that Wasn't.

Where to begin? As I type this I'm 3 hours removed from day 5 of the World Series of Poker Main Event. I had high hopes as I entered day 5 with 1.25x the average and was feeling great, but it wasn't to be as I got two tens in against two kings on KT33 for a 2.5x average pot.

In total I played 34 WSOP events this summer. In 2009 I played 29 events, so needless to say I shattered that figure. This is a product of me becoming more adept at the mixed games, so I played a few more of those. I can say with confidence that I'm gonna be a long term winner in all 34 of those events because there is just so much dead money at the World Series of Poker. The reality is that one summer of live tournaments is such a small sample size. I'll play like 25 tournaments on a single Sunday online. Also, there is such high variance in these things due to the often big buy-ins. These things said, I'm completely at peace with how things went on the summer albeit very frustrated. Even with the miserable series, I'm still a decent overall winner in 2010 thanks almost entirely to my FTOPS win in May.

I managed to cash a career best 5 times on the Series. If you told me I was gonna cash 5 times in 35 events, I would've asked, "Where do I sign?" and written home to Mom about it as I expect to cash at right around that clip. Alas, in tournament poker you need to make very deep runs to cover buy-ins though, and none of my 5 cashes was for more than 4 times that tournament's buy-in. My deepest finish was 17th in the $2000 Limit Hold em event.

This is the first year in the last 4 that I failed to make a WSOP final table, so that's a little disappointing. Of course I still wasn't able to capture my first bracelet. I'm only 25 though and it will come soon enough, and I know that the moment it happens will be magical.

In total, I invested $128,500 this year in buy-ins (slightly less than last year's $131k) and found only $57,344 in cashes. As a result I was a career WSOP-worst $71,156 loser which amounts to a -55% ROI on the summer. My lifetime WSOP numbers are below:

In 2006 I cashed 3 times in 22 events and was a $35,135 loser.

In 2007 I cashed 3 times in 21 events and turned a $5,249 winner.

In 2008 I cashed 4 times in 22 events and turned a $314,498 winner.

In 2009 I cashed 3 times in 29 events and was a $59,600 loser.

In 2010 I cashed 5 times in 35 events and was a $71,156 loser.

In the 5 summers combined, I've invested $453,500 in buy-ins over the 129 events and have cashed for $607,356. This amounts to a $153,856 profit (34% ROI). All things considered, I expect that I've actually run below expectation over that small sample of events and hope to turn a much higher ROI over the next 5 summers in Las Vegas.

My next poker stop is in The United Kingdom next Thursday as I'll be playing in a made for TV $20,000 buy-in sit-n-go called "Poker Lounge" which is put on by Full Tilt Poker in Wales. I'll apparently be playing with 5 Full Tilt pro's and it'll be winner take all for the $120,000. I'll be updating on Twitter if anyone wants to follow.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

World Series of Poker! Updates on Twitter.

Also, while I did meet some fascinating people back in the real world, I also found that there are so few people who are extremely driven. I kind of like Holdem poker because I'll get to pick the people I interact with and can avoid otherwise annoying people I might come in contact with in the corporate world.

I'd considered sending out resumes upon graduating just to see what kind of work was out there, but obviously there are no jobs available anywhere, and my resume would be mostly blank :)

The majority of the time since I last posted has actually been playing poker. I put in probably 180 hours over 2.5 weeks, and the results were there. I captured an FTOPS title and $214,000 on a Wednesday night before I graduated. The win was my biggest and most memorable of my online poker tournaments career.

I stayed hot and won the $100 rebuy on Stars last Sunday night for $44,000 in the midst of the Pokerstars' SCOOP series. All told, the SCOOP itself was not a success as I turned a loser in those events despite cashing at a decent clip. Actually I final tabled some $100 SCOOP event and after 17 long hours of playing, I finished 8th and barely turned a profit on the day after busting some other events.

Well, the time has come once again for the World Series of Poker. It's hard to believe, but this will be my fifth consecutive summer in Vegas playing the slate of events. Earlier this week, my roommates and I checked into our summer rental house. It is, in a word, breathtaking.

The inevitable pain that comes from busting event after event will be eased by just how wonderful it'll be relaxing at this place. I'm really geared up for the series this year. I feel like I'm playing really well right now and I can really focus on poker now that I got school out of the way. Maybe this will be the year that I capture the bracelet that has to this point eluded me. As usual, I'll be playing 25+ events. In fact, there's only a handful of events on the schedule that I won't consider playing at all.

Most days there are events that start at Noon PDT and also at 5 p.m., so I'll play at 5 on any days where I bust the afternoon event. I expect to be playing 70 hour weeks for the next 6 weeks or so, but I know what I'm getting myself into, and I love it. It's pretty draining, but I like the idea of really grinding it out and pressing value for a couple months then hopefully not having to work very hard for the rest of the year.

I'm at a point where I just don't really have the drive to post tournament recaps of every tournament I play this summer as I've done in every year past. I will however be updating my twitter page, each break of every tournament that I play. It's just much easier that way. I'll still blog every now and then, I guess.

There isn't much more to say. Let the bliss, heartbreak, sleep deprivation, money chasing, unhealthy eating, unforgettable summer begin!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thoughts on Graduating College + Where do I go from here? + Crushing Online

In the time since I last posted, quite a bit has been going on. Nine days ago I graduated with a degree in Business Management from The University of Alabama. The completion of my degree comes a full 81 months after I first began college in August 2003. I took a 3 year hiatus and spent 3 separate semesters co-oping, so I'm not exactly the Van Wilder of The U of Alabama.

I almost cannot find the words to express how happy I am to have finished school. When I walked across the stage to accept my diploma, all the memories of grinding school work all my life sort of flashed through my head. It's hard to believe that all of that hard work led up to this. Obviously, my life has taken quite a different path now as I don't intend on using my degree.

I do strongly recommend finishing school, if at all possible, to any poker players who may read this. I'd also recommend going straight through as opposed to taking time off like I did. The last 21 months I spent in Tuscaloosa were much different from my first stint in college. I was a couple years older than my classmates and was still kinda immersed in poker.

I didn't really get too involved on campus or anything like I had been the first time around, but that's something that wasn't that important to me, and I'm at peace with it. I still had a whole helluva lot of fun, met a ton of great people, and enjoyed experimenting and learning a lot about myself during the time I spent in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

A poker player like me returning to school isn't as rare as you might think. Off the top of my head I can think of at least half a dozen poker players who've had success and still returned to finish undergrad or attend law school. I think those people are probably a lot like me. For me, it was about finishing what I started and continuing to challenge myself.

There have been times during my career as a professional poker player that I really didn't like the game and wasn't sure if it's what I wanted to do, so that was another reason I found myself back in Tuscaloosa. I'll add that the social experiences one gets from college, alone, might be a good enough reason to go back. Even if one intends on making all C's, partying all the time, chasing girls all the time, and smoking weed all the time, the experiences you'll take away can't be matched by grinding online poker tournaments 50 hours a week instead from age 19-22.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

30 Days Until Graduation

I kind of forgot I had a blog, as I guess it's been 4 weeks since I last posted. For several reasons, I love having a diary about poker tournaments, so I expect to always write atleast a couple sentences about all tournaments I play; however, with the popularity of Twitter and Facebook statuses I can sort of write one sentence updates that are more fun and easier than blogging about my life outside of poker. That said, entries will continue to be infrequent unless I'm playing much poker.

Since I last posted I've taken some fun weekend trips. My dad and I had a great time down in central Florida. The first game we were scheduled to attend got rained out, but luckily Bama was playing Kentucky in college hoops at the same time, so we had a back up plan. We ate some great meals down there and checked out a couple games in what was our third annual trip. The following week I was in Austin, TX for my college spring break hanging out with my buddies Mike and Adam. That trip was a blast as it was pretty much a routine of watch college basketball all day, go out at night, and repeat.

The last weekend of March I was in Birmingham for my buddy Brandon's wedding. It was great seeing a lot of my old high school friends, and from what I remember, the wedding/reception was a blast. We got a hotel at this really cool place in the SoHo square district of Birmingham (namely Homewood). I kind of fell in love with the area and definitely could see myself living in that part of Birmingham when I most likely move there after the World Series of Poker.

I spent last weekend in Atlanta and checked out the Atlanta Braves opener on Monday. The environment was electric as there was a record day game crowd at Turner Field anticipating the first appearance by 20 year old future star, Jason Heyward. He gave us what we deserved by homering in his first major league at bat. I'm really looking forward to this season.

From a professional standpoint the year has turned sour as I had a miserable march. As a matter of fact, March has historically been a fucking awful month for me in the 5 years I've been playing professionally. I got brutalized in high stakes bracket pools and other vig-free bets I made with friends. I've also been unable to make any noise in the Sunday tournaments that I've played. Obviously, I'm not too worried though as it's early and it's an insignificant sample. I'm stuck around $30k on the year but will have a chance to right that soon as Pokerstars' SCOOP series looms.

Other than that, I graduate in 30 days. I'll definitely be walking. A bunch of people I know down here have told me they're not gonna go through the process because you have to sit around waiting forever during the ceremony. This kind of thinking seems fundamentally flawed to me, but then again I came back solely for the satisfaction of graduating so I guess my situation is slightly different. I have no problem saying that I'm proud of myself and am interested to see if poker has taken all of the emotion out of me, or if this achievement (the greatest of my life) is enough to bring something out.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break! + Graduation and More Poker Looming

Since I last posted 17 days ago I haven't had the time to play a single hand of poker. I spent the last weekend in February down in Mardi Gras celebrating the bachelor party of my high school friend Brandon alongside some other high school friends. It was a blast catching up and ridiculously good time as we were pretty much on the drinks on Bourbon Street for all but a few of 48 straight hours.

This past weekend I went up to Williamsburg, VA to visit my mom for her birthday. My sister Heather and my brother-in-law Ben made the trip as well. We had a good time checking out some of the local restaurants and bars and got a chance to check out Scorcese's Shutter Island on Sunday night.

I've been grinding hard in classes all week trying to put together this long typed paper on Skype and the rest of the VoIP industry. Somewhat interesting stuff, but I'm glad it's over as it's one of the last couple of major projects I have before I graduate 58 days from now. Classes as a whole are going just fine, and I'm anxiously awaiting May 8th as it will obviously be one of the most exciting days of my life.

As I type this Spring Break at The University of Alabama has just begun. My plans are to head down to central Florida with my Dad this weekend for our 3rd annual Spring Training baseball trip. This year my Dad and I will catch 3 games at 3 different stadiums in 3 days as we work towards eventually having visited every spring training stadium. We'll see the Astros @ the Blue Jays in Dunedin, the Pirates @ Red Sox in Fort Myers, and then the Red Sox @ the Twins in Fort Myers as well. I'm greatly looking forward to it. We fly out at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. From Florida, I'll head back to Birmingham for a couple days before flying into Austin, TX Wednesday where I'll spend my second consecutive spring break. Adam Geyer lives there and we're gonna celebrate St. Patrick's Day and take in the music/film festival that is South By Southwest.

I'm really, really looking forward to the opportunity to play a lot more poker in the very near future. While I'll be busy for the rest of March and April, May will be jam packed with poker. I have just two final exams (both on Monday May 3), and then I'll literally be waiting around my apartment for 5 days to graduate, so I'll be grinding all of the high stakes Pokerstars SCOOP events. I'll take the Saturday off for the ceremony, but then I'll get right back on it for the 7 of the next 8 days (I'm in a wedding the next Saturday) until the series ends. Then, I'll likely go down to New Orleans for the $5k WSOP circuit event, take a few days off, and then head to Las Vegas for the 2010 World Series of Poker.

I currently have no idea what my plans are after graduation. I was intending on buying a house (somewhere) this semester but I've been entirely too busy to do much more than browse the internet for a couple of hours. I don't really want to rush into anything, so I'll likely just wait until after the WSOP so I can be stress-free and play my best poker, and then I'll figure shit out when it's over.

That's all I got.